Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 9, 2023

0:01:26Intro and Welcome
0:03:38I Ching Reading & Reflection: Gradual Progress
0:08:25Another package came in the mail!
0:12:31If you’re going to work with morter mix wear gloves
0:16:18Pictures from Pedro’s KNF Class (in Brazil)
0:21:21Update from Postup Media (Joel)
0:22:53Email from Joe Peduzzi – Nothing would Grow before using KNF
0:29:48Kapila’s Trees YouTube channel
0:35:35You can Make knfFuel out of Any Animal
0:36:19Do Not Put IMOs in Worm Bin
0:39:22Island Tree Service YouTube channel
0:39:58Happy In-Dependence Day
0:45:05Back to the Master Cho Presentation
0:47:28KNF Layer Chicken Watering System Pipe
0:56:00KNF Chicken Feeder Box
1:01:34Chicken Sand Bath Access
1:03:30Come Learn KNF with Drake & Suze! (Nov. 2023 & Jan 204)