Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 16, 2023

0:02:22Intro and Welcome
0:04:07I Ching Reading & Reflection
0:09:56Learn the KNF Prescriptions for Leaf, Bloom & Fruit (The Nutrient Cycle)
0:18:40Will knfFuel (FAA) Make Bean Modules Decrease?
0:22:22Tomatoe Growth Cycle Question Answered in KNF Support
0:24:10Getting back into the Master Cho Presentation
0:26:29IMO Dirth/Dust Bath for KNF Livestock
0:32:33KNF Chicken Nesting Box Design with Precise Dimensions
0:37:58Learn from the Poultry Training Course in Korean (on YouTube)
0:40:35Layer Poultry Nesting Perch – Transitioning Brooder Box Chicks to Perching Hens
0:51:00Viable Materials for KNF Chicken Pen Flooring
0:53:58Using the KNF Chicken Flooring in Soil Potting Mix
0:54:46Prison for Brood & Mischievous Chickens
0:55:43IMO Chicken Pen Flooring Broken Down
0:56:09Evaluating the Difference between KNF Eggs & “Conventional”
0:58:05Looking at the KNF Chicken Intestines
0:59:04Compairing Stress Hormone Levels in KNF vs. Conventional Chickens
0:59:47KNF Broiler Chicken House in Korean
1:00:52KNF Broiler Chicken Brooder Box & Pen
1:05:26Broiler Feeding System
1:07:51Can you Make Dry LAB to put in Chicken Feed?