Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 23, 2023

0:00:00count down
0:03:46Intro and Welcome
0:05:03I Ching Reading & Reflection: The Corners of the Mouth (Nourishment)
0:21:00Treat Dog’s Ear Infection with LAB (lactobacillus) or Sulfur
0:22:21Drake talkin’ about going thru Master Cho’s Presentation the past few weeks
0:26:52How to Search knfSupport for topics in Office Hour
0:28:107 Day KNF Training in Hawaii November 2023 & January 2024
0:29:23The Microscope Playlist on Dr. Drake’s Youtube with Elaine Ingham
0:34:19Invitation to Join Office Hour Live with Drake and Share Your Experience
0:36:14Photos of Korea Trip
0:39:30How to Make More Acidic Vinegar
0:41:00Photos of Korea Trip (continued) – Intensive Grape Farming (with Charcoal)
0:46:46Photos of Korea Trip – 3 Course Meal
0:47:44Photos of Korea Trip – No Smell Pig Farm
0:52:10Photos of Korea Trip – Pepper Farm
0:54:25Photos of Korea Trip – The Natural Institute of Horticulture and Herbal Science
0:55:32Photos of Korea Trip – Konkuk University Agricultural Simposium
1:00:22Photos of Korea Trip – Checking out Gokseong & the KNF Learning Center
1:06:10Photos of Korea Trip – Epic Sprayer Technology
1:08:42“I’d Love to interview you, Office Hour Folks” – Email