Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ July 30, 2023

0:02:30Intro and Welcome
0:04:14I Ching Reading & Reflection: Fellowship with Others
0:08:46setting the scene to talk to…
0:10:07Regenerative Ag with Cows
0:11:13If you have Salty Earth is it OK to use Cheap Microbes
0:11:54John Liu Loess Plateau
0:14:13Inviting Office Hour Folks to Join on Video Live – Dropping the Streamyard Link
0:17:43Willie Coming in Live from New Zealand!
0:19:18Agriculure in New Zealand – Dead Land
0:23:51Gorse Taking Over the Mountain & Fields – Turn Invasives into Animal Food (with Fermentation)
0:27:19People Want “Quick Fix” Methods in Gardening vs a Long Term Healing Crisis for the Land
0:31:30Willie’s Introduction to KNF
0:36:34Offsetting the Effects of Chem Trails with KNF & IMOs
0:40:35Bringing Back the Microbial Life Buffer
0:41:38Effects of Covid on Willie’s Job Path – Establishing Food Security in New Zealand with KNF Technology
0:47:58Save Thousands of Dollars with KNF – Capitalize on this Technology & Make Solutions Available for Everyone!
0:53:08Heal Our Oceans with KNF Solutions!
0:54:37Willie’s Goal – Moving Away from Synthetics & Turning New Zealand on to Healing Solutions
0:55:49Plant Secondary Metabolites: Putting the Medicine Back in our Food
1:01:37Too Much FPJ – Gorilla Spraying the Roadsides & Neighborhoods
1:03:35Willie Found the Gardening Method that was Healthy
1:04:46What Advice Would you Give to Folks Just Starting the KNF Journey