Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 6, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:04:20I Ching Reading & Reflection: The Marrying Maiden
0:10:38How Fast Does KNF (No-Smell) Animal Poop Break Down?
0:15:37August 23′ Drone Footage of Our Pasture Restoration Progress
0:37:36What Can be Used to Rid Termites Off of Crops?
0:39:06Can You Use a Bigger More Obvious Mouse Arrow?
0:39:36Is it OK to Make knfMedicine in a 1 Liter Jar?
0:40:10Growing Grass on Red Cinder Land with Liquid IMOs
0:41:46Is a Mavic Drone Good for a Beginner?
0:42:38Making knfMedicine in Quart Jars
0:43:12Where Can I Acquire the Right Herbs for knfMedicine?
0:47:22What Quantity of Herbs are Required to Make knfMedicine?
0:50:08How to Search Past Topics Discussed on Officer Hour Through KNF Support
0:51:44University Soil & Nutrient Testing
0:53:14Can You Gather IMOs from a Corniferous Forest?
0:53:57Time Between Spraying Sulfur & Consuming Cactus Crop
0:54:25Leaf Rust & Antracnose on Plants: What Can I Do?
0:55:51South Carolina’s Pure KNF Certified Teacher!
0:56:26Next Weeks Office Hour Speaker
0:56:41Getting a Master Gardener Degree
0:57:04KNF Drone Sprayer & Banana Bunchy-Top Restoration Project
1:09:10Thank You All! Long Live the Natual Farmer!