Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 13, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:04:38Intro and Welcome
0:06:14I Ching Reading & Reflection: The Creative
0:09:39Get Certified in KNF – Classes in Hawaii November ’23 & January ’24
0:10:33Can You Make FAA with Salt? Can
0:11:27FAA Makes a Lovely Fish Sauce
0:12:36Hedge Off Fires with Liquid IMO & a Drone Sprayer Army
0:21:00Getting Things Ready Logistically
0:21:31The Biggest Cause of Climate Change & The Solution
0:27:43Should knfFood Have a Slight Alcoholic Smell & Taste?
0:29:00Lahaina Fires: Natural or Artficially Created?
0:30:39Will Bio-Char Absorb Water Soluble Elements in Potash?
0:31:54Let’s Get These Tiny Solutions Out There!
0:32:25Can I Store knfFood & knfFuel Together?
0:33:23Fund the Save Maui with IMOs Project, Oprah!
0:34:20The 15-Minute Cities Don’t Stand a Chance!
0:35:21Here’s What’s Really Killing the Earth
0:35:54How The Supersaturation Process Works
0:36:41Why the KNF Solutions App Doesn’t Work for Older Androids
0:37:42We Got Stood Up by Technology
0:38:12We’re at War with the Eco-Climate-Terroists
0:40:55How to Transmit the Message & Technology of KNF
0:44:12How to Become a Commerical Drone Operator for the KNF Army!
0:46:21Follow Willie in New Zealand
0:47:06Struggling to Find Something on knfSupport
0:48:50What Year Did You First Learn KNF?
0:51:11People Will Mock You Untill They See Your Production Rates
0:51:53A Simple Way to Start Teaching Folks KNF
0:53:15Let’s Make a “Tiny” Difference with KNF
0:54:11Negative Attention Gets You More Attention
0:55:13Dancing 3D Animations
0:58:39Using knfProtetors to Make Bokashi – Preserving Food with Bokashi
1:00:53Using knfProtectors & IMOs in a Composting Toilet
1:01:46Can knfProtectors Be Used in Septic Tanks or RV Gray Tanks?
1:04:12The DIfference Between knfProtectors & EM 1
1:05:48Heal the Ecosystem, Prevent Fires, Go Team, Go!
1:07:08Is There a Way to Make Cheap Alcohol for knfMedicine?
1:07:27Long Live the Natural Farmer! Thank You Everyone