Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 20, 2023

0:00:00Getting Settled
0:01:09Getting Some Higher Wisdom from the I Ching
0:03:22Managing Cows, Separating Bulls, Weaning Calves
0:08:00Correcting KNF Chicken Pen Floor so there’s No Smell
0:15:16Tour of Tyler Ljunghammer’s KNF Homestead & Chicken Coop
0:19:50Tyler Ljunghammer’s Black Soldier Fly Home Production
0:20:55Tyler Ljunghammer’s KNF Pardise Garden (Oklahoma)
0:27:04Da Goof Man’s KNF Garden Oasis (New York)
0:31:27A Quite Lengthy Message from Chris Sharing KNF Transformations
0:32:24Save Beans from Beetles with knfMedicine’s Garlic Tincture
0:34:33A Hope for People on the Right Path Doing the Right Thing
0:36:48Evaluating Hemp Bast No-Smell IMO Chicken Floor
0:41:10Getting Queued Up for the Next Thing
0:42:35Scientific Understanding of the Cause of Incurable Diseases in Crops
0:52:45Come Stay at the Farm for November 2023 KNF Training in Hawaii