Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ August 27, 2023

0:00:00Drake, Wondering if the Livestreams is Rolling…
0:00:36Welcome to Office Hour – Let’s Read the I Ching
0:06:04Checking Out Dan & Heather’s KNF Farm (Nova Scotia)
0:14:29Hawkeye’s Desert Yard in New Mexico
0:16:36A Collumn of Light
0:17:47Emmette’s Email
0:19:37Do We Need a Certificate to Teach KNF?
0:25:16My Inner Truth, Purpose & Passion for Living the KNF Teachings
0:30:30Concentrating Power Breeds Corruption
0:35:38Are Minerals Just Fossilized Microbes?
0:38:00Disgustingly Cheap Microbes Recipe Stimulates Great Fertility
0:40:20Drake Grabbing the KNF Library Stack
0:41:10Cultivating IMO in the City
0:42:07Natural Farming Literature Reading List (Do’s & Don’ts)
0:47:21The Correct Smell of Cheap Microbes Recipe
0:49:23Where Do I Get a Microscope? Which is the Best Option?
0:51:50Reasons to Practice Young-sang (JADAMAN) vs Cho’s KNF
0:52:21Resources for Learning on the (semi-abandoned) KNF Facebook Group
0:53:45Lacto Smell on a “JMS” is Good
0:53:52Permaculture & KNF
0:54:29How to Control Brown Plant Hopper of Rice with Cheap KNF
0:55:13The Difference Between Fermented Plant Extracts & knfFood
0:57:54I Don’t Reccomend Using JADAM Sulfur
0:59:48It’s Good to See You Folks Here!
1:00:15Describing a Good Batch of KnfFuel
1:01:26Adding Molasses into LAB to “Activate”
1:02:27Wrapping Things Up – Thanks for Tuning in!