Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 3, 2023

0:00:00Count down
0:02:55Intro and Welcome
0:05:07I Ching Reading &Reflection: Nourishment
0:11:41Step-by-Step Video Pouring Off Banana Stock knfFood
0:17:59Sarah’s KNF Garden in Wenachee, WA
0:20:25KNF Purfies the Spirit
0:21:27Redefineing DEATH Agriculutre
0:21:54Mold Growing on Vinegar
0:24:54Thanks for the Superchats!
0:24:14Drone Footage of Banana Bunchy-top Update
0:37:18RTK Reference Station for Drone Project
0:39:10Industrial vs Finantial (Loan) Capital & Usury
0:43:34Exponential Growth & Doubling Period Explained
0:51:30Doing KNF is More Important Than “Likes”
0:52:02Upgraded Searchbars in KNF Support Site
0:55:11Mowers, Grass-sweepers, Bovine Grazers
0:57:37Natural Capitalism & Indigenous Peoples of the Earth
1:01:49Adding Neem to knfMedicine
1:03:20Lynn Margulis
1:04:50Can Nandina be use as an Herbal Pest-A-Side?
1:09:18Long live the Natural Farmer!