Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 10, 2023

0:00:00Count down
0:03:43Intro and Welcome
0:05:20I Ching Reading: Conflict
0:08:15Inalienable God Given Rights (to Be an Earth Steward)
0:12:16Saying “what’sup” to the Good Office Hour Folks
0:13:58Compairing Foods to Feed Microbes (Molasses, Potatoes, Oats)
0:21:34Soil Microscopy with Epiflourescence Equipment Webinar
0:22:50KNF Revived His Sick Old Apple Tree
0:23:25The Difficulty with Grant Funded Projects & Academic Studies
0:27:31Giving Thanks for Superchats
0:28:12How to Search Office Hour Topics on KNF Support Website
0:34:30Can You Grow an Indoor Garden & Make Quality Solutions from the Plants?
0:37:17Dilution Rates for IMO Tea (before Application) & Reasons Why
0:40:01Negative Effects of KNF (LOL)
0:41:03Can I Just Use knfFood (from Fruits) on My Plants?
0:46:35Identifying a Good Seed IMO (#1) Collection
0:49:05Contraindications for knfFood from Citrus
0:50:04Japanese Style of Adding Odd Amounts of Ingredients
0:52:25Don’t Forget to Bring Sugar on Your Fishing Trip!
0:53:00Balance is the KEY to KNF
0:54:29The Pig Face Plant for knfFood (Western Austrailia Desert)
0:55:05Identifying a Usable Seed IMO(#1) Collection with Black Spots
0:57:18Documenting KNF Drone Flights
1:03:07The Cause of Black Spots on Seed IMO(#1)
1:04:33The Peach Tree Produced 72lb of Fruit & Fungal Issues Resolved
1:05:36A Little Color is OK on a Seed IMO (#1) Collection
1:06:55Sarah’s KNF Garden in Wenatchee (WA)