Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 17, 2023

0:00:00Count Down
0:03:31Intro and Welcome
0:05:51I Ching Reading & Reflection: The Loyous Lake
0:13:52What is “IMO5”?
0:20:50“IMO5” & How it’s Used
0:23:25No-Turn Compost
0:24:06Fix Flea Beetle Problem with KNF Liquid Calciums & Seawater
0:34:17Getting Prepped (with Pooch) to Share the Next thing…
0:34:56In Flight Footage of Gretta the Ag Drone in Action
0:50:54Why You Want to Grow Comfrey & Mugwort for knfFood
0:55:45Kudzu for (Unlimited) knfFood
0:56:28Japanese Knotweed (Donkey Rhubarb) for Unlimited knfFood
0:58:03Carbolhydrate Sources to Blend For Your IMO4 Pile
1:01:01Is it Possible to Culture Specific Mushroom Spores on Rice?
1:03:12How toPrepare Sweet Potatoes for Making IMO4 Pile
1:05:25Current Oil Prices on the Rise!
1:07:43Many Thanks & Long Live the Natural Farmer!