Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 24, 2023

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:06I Ching Reaching & Reflection: Keeping Still As a Mountain
0:08:02RTK Pure KNF Base Station for GPS Milimeter Level Accuracy
0:24:10Natural Farming Mimics God
0:25:30Korean Natural Farming Encompasses JADAM
0:26:06Abraham Hicks Teaching
0:37:17“Sorry about the App Not Working on Android”
0:32:55Cultivating IMOs to Digest Chitosan
0:37:23Localizing & Translating KNF Literature into Other Languages
0:41:16Cranky ex-Subscribers
0:42:50Check out Joseph Gyovai YouTube Channel
0:44:12“Climate Change”, The Bio-Dome & Gaia Theory
0:53:53Pure KNF Sponsors Office Hour
0:57:02Acetic Acid Percentage of Vinegars
0:58:06Spraying KNF Solutions Weekly: A Year Long Experiment
0:59:36Can you Make knfFood from Tumbleweed?
1:00:09Farming in Sub-Soil: Can You Spray too Many Microbes?
1:03:33Making Chitosan from Shrimp or Crab Shells
1:06:40Persimmon knfFood
1:07:12Trichuris Suis in Pigs
1:10:05Farm Training in Hawaii Nov ’23 & Jan ’24