Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 1, 2023

0:00:00Waiting for screen to unfreeze
0:01:34I Ching Reading: The Creative
0:04:25Why We Have Extreme Flooding (The Water Wizard)
0:06:22What’s up Office Hour Folks?
0:06:53At What Point Do Bones Over Char? (WCP/knfStructure)
0:07:33Master Lee Teaches 2 Methods of knfStructure (Muju, Korea)
0:19:27Making Plant Juice from Grapes (Muju, Korea)
0:21:15Master Lee Teaches 2 Methods of knfStructure (Muju, Korea) continued…
0:26:48Searching Through Footage of 2018 Korea Trip
0:32:30Ben’s IMO#4 Recipe
0:33:22Juglone, Chitosan & Indigenous Microbes
0:44:27Hicory Mulch Recipe
0:45:22The “Ears” and “Nose” of a Plant
0:47:12Viktor Schauberger
0:47:53KNF & Chitosan to Remediate Chromium 4
0:54:40Using Wood Chips in IMO#3
0:55:30How to Sterilize & Mineralize Woodchips
0:56:07Eric Brockovich
0:59:20If Your IMO Pile is Going Anaerobic…
1:00:21Remediating Soil with Sunflowers
1:00:53Mycelium in Woodchips
1:02:10Thanks for Tuning In