Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 8, 2023

0:01:23[Un]Subscriber Count YouTube Conpiracy
0:06:28Higher Wisdom from the I Ching: Influence
0:08:15YouTube Conspiracy
0:12:20Gut Brain Connection
0:06:36The Feminization of Men from Microplastics
0:19:19Rob Hopkins: Most Influential Environmentalist
0:25:42David Perlmutter: Celebrity Doctor
0:32:15Storing knfFuel
0:36:06Agricultural Mineral Water (Liquid IMO)
0:43:35Drake’s Bacterial Mineral Water System
0:47:09KnfFuel is Naturally Supersaturated with Sugar
0:48:17Is the Algorythm Against KNF?
0:49:12Saturated Fat Saves Lives
0:50:42KNF Remedy for Overreating (Lactobacillus)
0:52:03Zack Bush MD
0:54:48Working on a Pure KNF Membership
0:59:23Final Thoughts & Thank Yous