Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Nov 7 2021

Table of Contents for this Office Hour

0:00Welcome and iChing
3:34fermented seawater (how to & uses)
6:10How do I make (brown rice) vinegar? – Making vinegar from knfFood (fpj)
9:37brackish water in place of seawater
11:00How to collect microbially rich seawater
11:27Freshwater microbes vs. salt water microbes
13:11Gathering minerally rich seawater
14:37reconstituting seawater from sea salt
15:47vinegar fermentation (alcohol –>vinegar) & makgeolli
18:10Are cucumbers a replacement for dropwort & mugwort FPJ?
19:32mugwort fpj uses & properties
20:28dropwort fpj uses & properties
22:14favorite types of knfFood for medicinal uses
24:30drought resistant plants for fpj – transferring plant properties through fpj
26:48jump start an imo4 pile
27:54Low temperate imo4 piles
30:30Insulating IMO4 pile
31:36โ€œDo you make EM in KNF?โ€
34:11yeast & its functions (from Cho book)
37:35what is the best way to apply KNF foliarly?
40:12is it OK to drench?
41:34year old FAA with little liquid
44:33STORING imo4 – cedar box or feed bags?
47:30how much FAA do i need for a small garden for a growing season?
48:17Eating FAA
49:13How much FAA should i make?
50:53does using a pressurized sprayer kill biology?
54:49How long can labs be stored in the fridge vs stored with sugar?
56:13monocropping with knf and imos
58:25Knfsupport &