Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Nov 12 2021 *Bonus*

0:00Intro and Welcome
0:40Michael in NC questions
1:10FAA (KNF Fuel) in IMO
4:15FAA (KNF Fuel) and rice for IMO1- discouraged
4:55WK and WPA – water soluble potassium and water solunle phosphoric acid are not part of the 9 core solutions- more advanced
5:37specifically ued in nutrient theory
6:20master the Basics- know how to use them so you don’t cause problems
7:58Jadam anaerobes compatible with IMO4/5- specifically for tomatoes; Jadam first then sophisticated Master Cho recipes
9:42photosynthetic microbes (purple non-sulfur bacteria) and KNF
11:25what to feed layer chickens, day old chicks
14:05Bio-char and making IMO
16:04IMO pile- time needed to rest
16:35raw manure for IMO5