Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Nov 14 2021

0:00Intro and Welcome
1:41I-Ching reading – Lake over Lake
7:03KNF app Solution Calculator
9:06dilution for stored (brachish) seawater
11:50recovering over salted land
13:00humic acid
15:25OHN extraction – can I do less than 5 extractions?
20:13Mega profit farming – where can I aquire gelatinase/kitenaise microbes?
30:43How would you treat wetlands with KNF?
36:10more on the goodness of OHN
39:13Mountain Rose Herbs for OHN
40:07email contact to submit questions for livestream
41:28KNF support Q&A platform – how it works
46:28the microbial interface
47:33quantity of volume for foliar vs drench
50:26what is the ratio of IMO4 to chicken feed? & how to ferment it
53:02I want to be a part of natural farming cooperative
54:19should the maintenance formular be sprayed once a week in winter when the trees are dormant?
56:21should you spread IMO4 in colder weather? – what is the best time to spread?
57:44mageolli vs soju for OHN
59:35how can I add IMO4 to my pig feed?
1:00:58university paper on knf vs conventional soil bacteria counts
1:04:10upcoming trainings – Jan & Feb 2022