Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Nov 21 2021

0:00Welcome and introduction
1:40I-Ching- Preponderance of the Great
4:07made KNF videos
5:05Office Hour supported by PureKNF Foundation and donations of love
6:23HFUU- Drake gave a pre-convention talk- “KNF Will Save You from Inflammation, Inflation and Climate Change”
9:54HFUU Convention online- to register
11:37FPJ (KNF Food) and enhanced mood
14:10IMO4- and IMO3 need to have time in the week to babysit it- Drake built a monitor- get in your IMO pile
17:03Mineral A- oxygenated basalt mineral water?
18:58mineral concentrates only from Master Cho
19:53FPJ (KNF Food) into IMO3- root exudates
21:09cedar box for storage; 2/3 and 1/3 mystical spaces
22:19storage and spoilage
23:30FPJ (KNF Food) and micro-greens
25:46sawdust for IMO3- must be amended for soil based microbes
27:54BCS for turning IMO pile
28:56soil recipe in KNF for plants grown in containers
30:16soil solution
31:37class costs- lodging and training certification explanation; livestock training and hands-on farm experience
41:46how are you showing up in the world
42:28leaf mold soil; IMO4 for soil foundation; mulch; pile tech; mulch pathways for vegetables
44:58IMO collecting chamber- 2/3 and 1/3
45:58find the Recipe Book and Office Hours on
46:52important to stay on the farm for trainings
48:20GoFund Me
49:21bones in calcium phosphate
49:50email questions to
50:06forests in Malaysia; palm and coconut sugar OK (above ground) not beet sugar (below ground)
51:14bury KNF microbes?
53:12human consumption- balance yourself
54:15IMO bath; Dr. Hoon Park video “IMO bath to purge pathogens from the body”; on Drake’s channel “PureKNF IMO bath”
57:54search KNF Human Health on Drake’s channel; lecture of Master Cho talking about human health
58:58KNF for rice cultivation
1:01:08methods- compete/collaborate
1:03:09don’t over-amend when starting
1:04:16mix IMO with other people’s IMO?
1:05:30more than one FPJ (KNF Fuel) into the Maintenance Solution?
1:08:20PureKNF Foundation resources