Office Hours – Dr. Drake – Nov 28 2021

0:00:00Intro and welcome
0:00:37IChing reading
0:04:03Nourishment of appreciation, donations and KNF support
0:07:13Q: is FAA (fuel) an equivalent of fish hydrolicate? (fuel recipe)
0:15:50Q: Does the moon cycle have any affect in the IMO making process? (Moon: calendar video lecture and app)
0:20:23Q: Can KNF solutions and principles be applied to aquaculture?
0:23:31Q: Can SES (seed soak solution) be stored for long term closed made with FAA (fuel) and LAB (protectors) added in and how long? (Vocabulary, storing solutions, KNF calculator app)
0:28:51Rule 0
0:29:13Q: How can I utilize LAB (protectors) and banana FFJ (food) while I’m halfway thru flowering? (how to use KNF foods in the growing cycle, balance)
0:35:48Storing solutions: mixing, maintenance solution
0:40:27Charring tips for making KNF structure
0:43:28Storing, mixing and applying maintenance solution
0:48:17Thanks to Master Cho (lectures)
0:49:44Q: Dog food for IMO3?
0:50:35Q: Powdered materials for making OHN (medicine)?
0:51:48Q: Pineapple stems to facilitate breakdown in KNF structure?
0:52:57Q: Is it ok to use a dying plum tree trunk as hugelkultur bed or is it allopathic?
0:54:30Q: Would ambient temperatures be something to consider when making IMO3?
0:55:53Q: What should I be doing to prepare my ground for winter?
0:57:46Heat from microbes
0:58:52Q: If my IMO2 is from a time when temps were warmer, would it affect making IMO3 when the temps are colder?
0:59:43KNF food: gathering tips right after the full moon
1:01:15Q: I have a hard time getting my IMO4 to heat up unless I add FAA (fuel) but it still ends up with lots of visible white mycelium and a nice forest smell to it. Do you think it’s still good quality?
1:03:43Height of IMO piles
1:05:01Teachers, quality of info and solutions
1:08:18Thank you and aloha
1:08:54KNF support and office hours, pureKNF recipe book