Office Hours – Dr. Drake –Dec 5 2021

1:33iChing- After Completion
4:30Thanks to sponsors
5:58making the world better as a family
6:30regenerating forests; microbes promote climate stability
11:00How do we collect IMOs in the desert?
18:17What can I do for my lawn? BIOCHAR
26:34Jesus and miracles- what Natural Farmers do
29:14cattle sweet feed (antibacterial) to make IMO3?
29:50chicken feed
31:40comfrey FPJ and LAB refrigerator storage
34:10microbial secret society
35:00charring bones
37:07grill starters configuration; WCA- KNF Structure
43:55botanicals for Autism?
46:45making LAB with raw milk
49:30more on Autism
49:40watch Biochar videos for incinerator
50:13how many bones and how much charcoal to make KNF Structure?
52:16are there any certified instructors in Portugal or Belgium?
53:07drink LAB for Autism and also FPJ- rebuild your microbiome
53:53can I make IMO5 beds 4″ tall with cardboard underneath?
55:30KNF solutions are safe
56:15steps to change Florida clay to aerobic soil for medicinal hemp
58:58making LAB not yogurt
1:00:27favorite books
1:02:07Jadam wetting agent making soap
1:02:41making IMO in a bioreactor
1:03:58best way to count biodiversity
1:05:20Elaine Ingham playlist
1:06:42gnats because of moisture level?
1:07:17OHN extraction with water only? East Hawaii chapter