Office Hours – Dr. Drake – Jan 2, 2022

0:00:50I Ching Reading: Ching (The Well)
0:03:37introducing THE BIO NUTRIENT METER
0:10:22how could knf help regenerating soil in abandoned mines?
0:11:57comparing a Brix meter to Bio Nutrient Meter
0:13:40is my OHN ruined (made with 20-25% alcohol)
0:15:49could you let OHN go longer when extracting?
0:16:59what do you do for chicken mites?
0:18:39should i filter out seddlement at the bottom of OHN?
0:20:09OHN EXTRAXTION: Do you pour off 1/3 or 2/3?
0:24:31adding different ingredients to IMO3
0:25:54using hemp herd in chicken laying boxes
0:26:49is my OHN still good?
0:27:49how much LAB do you consume daily?
0:28:24LAB for IBS
0:19:05using the OHN recipe for other herbs
0:30:40concerning SPRAYERS for KNF
0:36:12my piggets are suffering from diarhea: OHN or LAB?
0:38:58what kind of KNFsolution should we drink to bring new years cheer and raise the spitits?
0:41:48would the pig pen floor design work for a green house floor to create passive heat in winter?
0:42:31contination of…what raises the spirits?
0:44:11is there a crop you wouldn’t use JADAM JMS on?
0:54:23JADAM herbal & microbe solution for PESTS
0:55:50why are my chickens not laying?