Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Jan 9, 2022

0:00Welcome and iChing- Keeping Still or Mountain
3:48Farmers seem to get punished
5:50thank you sponsors
6:05Master Cho’s wish to build community; healing us
7:30Is there a way to donate to Drake without Gogle taking a cut? or
12:22Send questions for Office Hour via email to
16:06Nutritional cycle of leafy greens compared to fruiting plants
17:40Are the Maintenance Solutions different at different stages? Alter the KNF Food at different stages of growth
20:07Has anyone ever collected IMO from locations far apart and combining them
25:00What is the best brand of sea salt?
26:40JADAM wetting agent or sulfur for a market garden?
33:00If I use C90 to make salt water how do I prepare it to be like reagular seawater?
35:45Super saturated fruit juice- if refrigerated, how long does it last?
38:15OHN love- PureKNF Medicine has all the past episodes of Ofice Hours
40:18If I add turmeric will it overpower the flavor of KNFMedicine? Can you add other things?
41:55Smell your PureKNF Food and then taste for viability
42:40it tastes good with turmeric
43:14Brassicas reacting with fungus? has a bunch of content
47:01How to start in the UK in the winter?
48:54JaADAM sulfur makes oranges smell like sulfur
49:17come to Hawaii for training in the winter
49:30What is the name of the food nutrition density guy?
49:50Bionutrient sensor
49:55check out the Bio Nutrient Food Association (BFA) you tube channel
50:09make KNFFuel (FAA) from the fish you catch, use the heads
50:33Can you make humic acid with potassium hydroxide and charcoal?
53:15making KNFFuel (FAA)
54:48KNFFuel (FAA) gets better with age
55:30using JADAM microbe solution after tilling
56:02Master Cho’s recipes for IMOs and JADAM JMS compared
59:27KNFFuel (FAA) smells like yeast and alcohol; sealed lid
1:01:20visual video of how to build soil foundation
1:06:00long live the Natural Farmer