Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Jan 16, 2022

0:00Intro and welcome
1:34I Ching Reading: The Well
4:36Introducing students from the KNF Farm training (1/10-16/2022)
4:57“What’s been your experience here? What have you learned?”
5:07Don “Iceman” McNamara: seeing it in real life is much different!
6:12Ms. Hope Barajas: we went in depth to a whole new level
8:11“What was your confidence level before taking the course? And how is it now?”
8:28Hope: from A-Z; taste testing; doing it; real life applications; having a solid mentor is confidence building
10:59Donna Rae: helpful to learn from our mistakes as well as our sucesses; the hosts and accommodations are wonderful
13:06“Did you hug the pigs?” / Hope: the sweet temperments of the animals prove that the micro-organisms are in balance
14:06Donna Rae: No-smell animals are happy!
14:35“What affect does plastic row covers have on IMO?”
16:31Augering holes (filling with fish and IMOs) between rows & black plastic
18:47“How has KNF affected your life?”
19:06Don: we’re excited to short cut thru the system
19:32Hope: KNF is aligned with closing every loop in the system, being conscious on imputs, carbon footprint, giving back more than taking
21:38Donna Rae: working with the villages of Alaska to create sustainable farms, resilient systems, and nutrient dense food
22:55Drake: KNF gives the tools to feel empowered personally to solve the problems of the land and make a difference
25:18“What kinds of farm/garden/orchard do you have back home?”
25:28Donna Rae: 5 acre market farm, fruit trees, potatoes, berries, veggies, chickens, ducks, turkeys; BIO NUTRIENT METER
27:25Hope: managing other people’s farms from the ground up, or coming in to fix problems
28:43Don talks about his IMO3&4 experience throughout the week
29:25Drake talks about the IMO propogation during the class
30:28“What are your aspirations after taking this class and how do plan to share it with the world?”
30:42Hope: knowledge; real life experience; sharing with the communities / teaching others; solutions beyond farming
32:56Donna Rae: creating more nutritious & resilient plants; starting a KNF club at our farm; working with the villages teaching tribes KNF
35:24Don: online zoom Homer garden club with Oceanside Farms
37:09“Would you talk more about your experience applying KNF to cannabis?”
37:35Hope: specific nutrient profile at certain phase of life; feeding plants food from same plant to give proper nutrition at right time; win disease battles
40:35Question follow up on spider mites (specifically to cannabis)
41:28If you had to show ONE KNF product to somebody who doesn’t know anything about NF, what would it be?
41:47HOPE – L.A.B.S. are applicable to so many facets of life
42:44Don – KNF soap & herbal solution for spider mites
43:30Don – FPJ, easy & quick; feed your plants
44:24Donna Rae – FPJ you can see really good results with your plants quickly
45:09Hope: Pest Control with KNF: use soap & LAB first before adding a food source (FPJ)
46:33“Should IMO#4 be stored where it doesn’t freeze?”
46:50Don: at latitude 59 everything freezes
47:24Drake: avoid putting IMO in a place where its going to freeze; spore form protects it to a degree
50:27“Can I make IMO without OHN”
50:42Don: Mt. Rose Herbs; follow Drake’s book
51:37Donna Rae: trying plants in our area; using whats local; sometimes a different variety
52:34Suze: Gilcaragan of Phillipines just uses ginger & garlic as “OHN”
52:53Drake: focus on the why, overtime refine the how as you are able, with the resources available
54:03Q for the Alaskans: “What kinds of things would be good for your fermented plants juices?”
54:13Don: horsetail (silica), comfrey (potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen), stinging nettle (nitrogen & boron), chickweed, strawberry runners
55:46What do you think about the blance of lactic acid bacteria and aerobic microbes (IMO)?
56:27Hope: you can smell an imbalance in microbes; reading your landscape; knowing what balance each plant wants of bateria to fungi
57:33Drake: LAB turned out like yogurt; IMO’s (and basilius subtilus) outcompeteing LAB
58:58Donna & Don: no longer doing crop rotations or resting plots; turning a monocrop into a polycrop (with FPJ)
58:57Can you make FAA without IMO4?
1:00:04Hope: Fish Amino acid is 2 ingredients: the sugar pulls out the good fats, oils, aminos, & supersaturates to preserve
1:00:40Suze: adding the right amount of sugar to FAA mitigates pathogens; lactobasillus present helps storage
1:01:15Donna: put down enough sugar at the bottom of bucket: layer even amounts
1:01:35Don: use blue back fish, ahi, tuna, salmon, anchovies; get the book
1:02:00Thank you ALL