Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Oct 10 2021

0:00Testing the system
1:08suggested reading list with ISBN numbers?
2:51Master Cho’s book (no ISBN) and Master Cho
5:00KNF is tasting, touching, smelling, feeling
5:33trainings at and YouTube videos
6:00JADAM book- 978-89-89220-13-8
7:38Mycelium Running by Paul Staments- 978-1-58008-579-3
8:20Spiritual/esoteric aspect of KNF- Agriculture by Rudolf Steiner- 0-938-250-37-1


  1. We can’t find the link for today’s office hours!?!! Would like to join in!

  2. Hi! These videos are incredibly helpful! It is difficult for me to join the Live as the stream is at 3am here where I live. I was wondering if I could submit some questions then check the answers later when the videos are uploaded? and if so, where can I submit them? Thank you! Zulaikha

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