Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Oct 3 2021

0:00I-Ching Approach
2:24goats, chickens, compost, IMO in a stone building- storing on the floor of a deep litter system
6:05uses of IMO4
7:20use chicken or pig pen floor for anything other than soil foundation
7:44Master Cho- fermented mixed compost, chicken and pig pen floor- IMO5
8:28IMOs made from compost pile- fermenter mixed compost (Master Chos FMC)
8:40Drake calls the chicken and pig pen floors BIO- for plants that are growing
11:14KNF- get animals for full sustainability; in depth commentary on pigs
19:15bananas for sale
20:07Drake’s journey to KNF
22:33our future is food
24:12trees are carbon capturers
26:32algorithms are based on natural systems
27:28KNF is the solution that will save us from climate change, water shortages
31:40banking system, wealth and nature
33:58what is health
35:00conventional pig farming and KNF pigs
35:48Pigs and African Swine Flu; Chickens and Bird Flu- KNF doesn’t have this
38:05LAB in laundry for health
38:16drinking the solutions boosts you immune system
39:01hand sanitizer and pathogens; personal microbiome
40:07boost immune system
40:50IMO bath
43:38eat naturally farmed food
44:12microbes keep water clean
44:45petrochemicals, diesel- microbes take care of them by eating them
46:12KNF is simple to do
47:16exponential theory and the solution- change the microbiome to stabilize the planet
48:46bring wealth backto people with KNF
49:07raise animals, don’t have to eat them, love them
49:55composting worms
50:32KNF for the win
51:33overview of YouTube channel- – open source for a ton of information; nothing is better than the primary source and