Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ Sep 26 2021

0:00Intro and Welcome
0:15What nutrients do I have to provide to my pregnant pig?
1:02Water soluble calcium for plants and animals
2:37Graph with IMO and fermentation of animal feed for 25 hours; fermentation and temperature probes
8:48temperature probe to measure IMO3 and IMO4 piles- optimal temperature for various parts of the pile
10:09certain microbes grow at certain temperatures
10:54enhanced nutrition of animal feed
11:58fermentation- higher digestibility index
12:45microbes into soil for plants
14:05add water to animal feed; ferment for 24 hours
15:50excellent IMO collection analyzed and a mushroom
19:17when you see mushrooms in IMO; fungus and good compost
20:20apply nutrients to culture good biology
21:58IMO2 to IMO3 to IMO4
22:54orange spores and mycelium- grading IMO1
24:09pig waste success story
27:38PureKNF Recipe Book- Core Solutions and Formulas for Application- available at ; user-friendly terminology
37:30KNF app to convert amounts of solutions to add to water- correct dilutions
38:10IMO collection
39:20subscribe- new info all the time
39:40Facebook KNF Group- 28,000 members- it’s worldwide
41:34learn and teach- build a group locally- live your Truth
42:20IMO1 like a brick- mixing- don’t add water
43:18beginning KNF- Plant Aloha classes at Hawaiian Sanctuary
45:46soil building with IMO
46:15microbes store morning dew in biochar- OK for lettuce? ; story about Master Cho reforesting the Gobi Desert- make rich soil
50:10covering microbes? protect microbes on surface with mulch; grass clippings for gardens; recycle peppers; carbon/nitrogen ratio
53:26raised beds and soil mixes; don’t overamend baby plants
55:47KNF terminology, understanding and experience
56:55grid down farming; ice age farmer; JMS importance and explanation
1:00:55KNF- there is HOPE
1:02:00check out Johnson Sue bio reactor- no turn compost pile