Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 16, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:43I Ching Reading – 3- Difficulty at the beginning
0:07:25combatting California thistles; fireweed study in Hawaii; make a pesticide from it; bioremediation register for Drake’s course
0:19:27what is the best place to collect IMO?
0:24:35what happened to the Institute of Natural Farming channel? on YouTube
0:25:55JMS and IMO to remediate pasture land
0:31:31does Drake plan to teach online classes?
0:32:30come to the KNF Farm to train and have a tactile experience
0:36:20Drake’s YouTuba channel- Hawaii Field Days, last time Master Cho was in Hawaii
0:39:39avoid collecting IMO in woods where there are parasitic mushrooms
0:40:18using FAA with urea?
0:40:44Master Cho’s book referencing human waste- human liquid fertilizer
0:49:02making vinegar; temperature fluctuation
0:50:50Master Cho’s “The Farmer’s Heart”- 291 slides- on Drake’s channel- you can hit the thanks button and donate
0:52:34Master Cho always starts with the basics
0:54:01Master Cho- the Constituents of Air
0:54:31Master Cho- where does your water and natural fertilizer come from
0:59:06Master Cho- livestock concept applied to plants
1:01:51Master Cho- Faith and Religion
1:02:05can IMO be collected in Saudi Arabia- see see episode 32 and 24 and Sam Bevans about farming in the desert & to search Office Hours “desert”
1:04:15is there a list of which KNF Foods have which nutrients? search internet to see properties; check out Steve Dread’s Potent Ponics website, Open Nutrient Project
1:07:34thank yous- come to a class at
1:08:00continue presentation next week
1:08:19Go Fund Me- crowd source to help yourself to come to a class and then you can teach them
1:09:30long live the Natural Farmer