Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 9, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:38I Ching Reading – 49- Lake over Fire- Revolution
0:06:10KNF Medicine- OHN- don’t crack any jars; don’t drink too much
0:08:23cassava- so easy to frow
0:13:30goat feed
0:16:28microbes in the soil matter the most
0:17:05back to KNF Medicine- OHN
0:18:02pour off 1/3 or 2/3? most controversial part of KNF
0:22:56stir KNF Medicine (OHN) clockwise; harmony and spiritual journey
0:25:52alcohol for making KNF Medicine (OHN)?
0:27:22getting organic matter where it’s hot and dry? use biochar
0:28:12KNF Food- FPJ- mugwort, dropwort, portulaca; why you don’t squeeze it
0:32:22back to KNF Medicine- OHN- more alcohol to extract more
0:32:35IMO2- liquid or solid?
0:33:12back to KNF Food- FPJ- compare plant material to fruit material- how much sugar to use
0:35:07KNF Food- FPJ- bamboo is a good choice
0:35:40KNF Food- FPJ- comfrey for the win
0:35:56KNF Fuel- FAA- sardines, rocks and hay
0:38:42KNF Food- FPJ- make it with honohono grass- tastes like BBQ sauce; works beter than conventional fertilizers
0:39:20KNF Fuel- FAA- rocks add minerals
0:39:47KNF Reproduction- WCA- making it
0:42:24KNF Fuel- FAA- bubbling?
0:43:20KNF Reproduction- WCA- easier to pull off membranes before toasting
0:43:42KNF Structure- WPCA- don’t use bird bones; can use white vinegar
0:45:08KNF Protectors- LAB- not the best guide here
0:46:35Maltose recipe- makng it and uses
0:50:55Bacterial Mineral Water- BMW
0:53:26Silicate- Master Cho never spoke about it
0:55:00other materials- chitosan
0:55:57water soluble potassium (WK) made from tobacco stalks
0:56:22water soluble phosphoric acid (WPA) made from sesame
0:56:47loess powder
0:57:50can make silica out of horsetail- great fungicide
0:58:34loess powder- canker
1:01:44storage environment- shed and materials for storage
1:04:07watch this on Drake’s channel- Korean Natural Farming 2008 Master Cho
1:06:40soil smelling like ammonia?
1:07:15thank yous; love one another; honor to Master Cho
1:08:12long live the Natural Farmer