Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ October 2, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:22I Ching Reading – Progress
0:07:14Master Cho’s book- if you look hard enough, you can find it; Drake will try to get it to the public
0:08:09Julia’s IMO2 collection- multiple collections
0:13:15Julia’s IMO3 video; using hempherd; using a tarp for mixing it up
0:18:55IMO2- a little red, black and pink are OK because when mixed with sugar, the good microbes will dominate
0:19:35IMO bath
0:25:25Drake’s IMO4 pile on a smaller scale- as you turn your pile, move it to another spot; using a BCS makes it easy to turn
0:28:15recipe for making apple vinegar; making KNF Cleanser
0:34:00Julia’s cousin, Frida, first student to learn KNF at the Finland university- academics that understand the formulations love KNF
0:35:49Professor Kim teaching KNF in Korea university under research, there are university publications including all of the solutions
0:38:03Konkuk University in Seoul- videos of talks presented at 2016 International Symposium
0:39:18if someone can translate, you will be credited and subtitles will be inserted
0:40:51many books in Korean need translating- Master Cho’s original books
0:41:15male flower leaves, fermented vinegar
0:41:57KNF Barn., click Livestock, click Pigs and see building plans and cost overview and Univ of Hawaii Guide
0:46:20transplanting mature plants- add KNF Reproduction (WCA) in addition to Maintenance Formula; soak and put IMO on the drip line and foliar spray
0:51:20KNF Protectors (LAB)- making it- refer to the Recipe Book
0:53:42bloom booster? push tomato production? Natural Farming is about balance; Natiral Farming Growth Formulas in Recipe Book
0:59:27more on KNF Protectors (LAB)- pouring it off- filter it
01::01.32what do you spray with a pump? Maruyama Portable Gas Sprayer; Drake would like a Venturi Air Sprayer; nebulizers, atomizers
01::05.42what herbs/plants to use for JADAM Herbal Solution? wedelia
01::07.42more about sprayers- Stihl backpack sprayers
01::08.47thank yous sponsors Office Hours
01::10.11long live the Natural Farmer