Office Hours โ€“ Dr. Drake โ€“ September 25, 2022

0:00:00Intro and Welcome
0:01:34I Ching Reading – oppression/exhaustion- finances may be oppressed but gardens are thriving
0:05:49making banana food- good to use for potatoes because of the potassium that aggregates in the banana fruit
0:07:07any KNF solutions made using aloe vera? make KNF Food with aloe vera
0:09:20Drake is teaching a certification course- levels 1, 2 and 3- Jan 6-12, 2023-
0:14:20KNF Facebook Group- same basic questions and errors; should watch Office Hours
0:16:27mold on the surface- too much airspace; possibly not supersaturated enough
0:20:14rather than searching Facebook for “desert”, try better way to find answers
0:21:54fresh water fish as good as salt water fish for KNF Fuel (FAA)? blue black fish for the win
0:26:09is it safe to use wood chips directly for mulching? amend wood chips with IMO and KNF Protectors (LAB)
0:27:50Drake uses pile tech
0:28:32humic acid helps wood chips
0:30:05graph in the Recipe Book that shows progressive forestry
0:30:50wood chips for annual cultivation- straw or grass clippings are ideal for bacterial cultivation for annuals, perennials
0:32:50try EM1? composition of EM; always include a KNF Food with it
0:34:51pH depends on ratio of fungus to biology; microbes manage macro pH
0:36:00pH solubility of fertilizer- get the biology in the soil so everything can be absorbed; organic matter
0:38:00does Drake recommend a pH correcting maintenance foliar spray? the solutions are balanced in the prescription sprays
0:39:20focus on biology not chemistry of farming
0:40:50farmers and sterility
0:42:12is buttermilk suitable to make KNF Protectors (LAB)? cheapest way to make it is with powdered milk
0:45:10coffee grounds ideal for trees/forest?
0:45:53more about pH
0:46:27goat’s milk works great
0:47:13can use camel’s milk
0:47:33KNF Protectors (LAB) made anaerobically? Master Cho’s book
0:49:30facultatively anaerobic
0:53:55best way to kickstart biology? IMO and follow Building Soil Foundation in the Recipe Book
0:55:442nd best way is disgustingly cheap microbe solution (JMS); can also make liquid IMO
0:57:11Master Cho’s stuff is a symphony and JADAM is a pop song- difference is sophistication to register for upcoming certification course
01::00.07HFUU Convention on Maui Dec 2-4, 2022- Drake will be there-
01::00.43static soak? vortex brewer
01::02.00suggestion to ripen tomatoes and peppers quicker? spraying KNF Food from fruits at the end helps it to ripen but not speed up
01::02.30Partida says dandelion tea helps ripen tomatoes
01::02.43thanks to PureKNF Foundation for sponsorship of Office Hours-; can donate here
01::04.30long live the Natural Farmer