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Vodka is a distilled product with near %40 alcohol whereas rice wine has only %3 like beer.

for dehydration you can use rice wine but for tincturing you need vodka. Yes OHN is the most expensive KNF food but it goes a long way.

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Any nightshade family of plants can be used.
– Spinach, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini and eggplant will work

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No, the concentration would be weak. Pulverise and throw them in your worm farm.

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How are you going to measure the dilution? Wouldn’t you than waste a lot of KNF inputs?

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I make cheese and has excess whey. This is very acidic. I add a pouch of rock dust to it and stir from time to time. With the increased surface area of rock dust as well as the acidic environment of whey, it leaches minerals to the water. I then strain and use the water in my aquaponics, wicking beds and garden.

One idea is to get rods of different metals from the internet and using a colloidal silver machine, electrolysing them to leach the ions into the water. It would be hard to get the diverse metals though.

Still, I think using rock dust is a better option as it provides a diverse range of minerals and ones there are enough worms in your soil to process it.

Another option is to mine the minerals using tap-rooted plants like dandelion, comfrey, fennel, milk parsley, sea holy, coltsfoot and preparing a weed tea using these plants.

Diversity is the key.

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Atul, try my PP slides. It is a comprehensive list of recipes.


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Thanks Bro, much appreciated.

wSo would you recommend to seal the container after the initial 7 days or so?

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You can download a comprehensive recipe book here

Asian Natural Farming


I don’t think any of the KNF solutions are strong enough to disolve the HDPE.

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Chuck it. Mucor mold or pencillium roqueforti started to grow.

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Shouldn’t be a problem. Any unprocessed dry sugar will do.

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